Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a comprehensive and natural approach to improving health and treating illness. It is a distinct profession of primary health care providers who emphasize preventative medicine and the promotion of optimal health through patient-centered education and individualized treatment.

The primary goal of naturopathic medicine is to address the cause of illness, rather than simply treat or suppress symptoms. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) view their patients from a holistic perspective and therefore consider the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a person when diagnosing and developing a treatment plan.naturopatic doctor

What Treatments Do Naturopathic Doctors Use?

I am a Toronto based qualified and licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, with a total of 7 years of university and college education and training. As a practitioner of naturopathic medicine, I routinely use the following therapies when creating treatment plans: Clinical Nutrition, Botanical/Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Lifestyle Counselling.

Common Conditions Treated By Naturopathic Doctors

Virtually all health conditions can benefit from naturopathic care. Health conditions commonly treated by Naturopathic Doctors include the following:

- Acute & Chronic Muscle Pain
- Allergies & Asthma
- Anxiety & Depression
- Arthritis
- Attention Deficit Disorder
- Back Pain
- Cancer Prevention/Support
- Cardiovascular Disease
- Colds and Flu
- Diabetes
- Detoxification / Cleansing
- Digestive Problems
- Fatigue
- Poor Memory/Concentration
- Gastrointestinal Disorders
- Headaches and Migraines
- High Cholesterol/Blood Pressure 

- Insomnia
- Pediatric Conditions
- Skin Conditions (Acne, Eczema, etc.)
- Stress
- Weight Management & Eating Disorders

Women's Health Concerns
such as:
Infertility/IVF & IUI Support
 - PMS
 - Menopause
 - Endometriosis
 - Cervical Dysplasia & HPV

Men's Health Concerns such as:
 - Prostate Health
 - Reproductive Health/Infertility


All initial appointments take between 60-90 minutes. This amount of time is needed to obtain an in-depth health history as well as an overall picture of mental, emotional and physical factors affecting your current health status. If necessary, a complaint-oriented physical exam is performed and an individualized treatment plan is then created to best address your personal health goals.

For more information:

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Locations & Hours of Practice


The Reproductive Care Centre
(formerly ISIS Regional Fertility Centre)

2180 Meadowvale Blvd
Mississauga ON, L5N 5S3
(905) 816-9822

Hours: Mondays & Fridays 10AM-1PM
Weekends: By Appointment

(also accepting new patients for general health concerns at this location)


Wallis for Wellness

1C Conestoga Drive, Suite 300
 Brampton ON, L6Z 4N5
(647) 287-9754

Hours: Mondays & Fridays 2PM-7PM

TORONTO EAST (in the Beaches)

Marjerisson Chiropractic & Associates

2245 Queen St East, Main Floor
Toronto ON, M4E 1G1
(416) 690-2888

Hours: Tuesdays 2PM-7PM, Wednesdays 6:30-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-2PM

Call or e-mail to book a 15 minute complimentary consultation to learn how naturopathic medicine can benefit you.

Please feel free to direct any questions or inquiries to:

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